NAGASA Facing Extinction?

WASHINGTON, DC—Plagued by declining membership and dwindling income from its Forum meetings, the North American Graphic Arts Suppliers Association (NAGASA) is pondering its future options, which include merging with another association or disbanding.

A report, “Options for the Future,” penned by Greg DuRoss, director of member services, given to membership, concluded that dues for fiscal year 2002 will not be sufficient to sustain NAGASA’s current roster of staff and programs.

At one time the association boasted 450 member companies; it has shrunk to less than 200. Its Forum 2001 attendance was slated to be around 150 members, down from 250-plus in 2000. Net income from Forum meetings and membership dues are its only revenue streams.

“Members have told me they no longer see the value in their membership,” DuRoss wrote. “Until and unless the value proposition that members have associated with NAGASA is changed, membership will continue to decline. I know for a fact that more are poised to quit.”

DuRoss believes changes need to be made inside of a year’s time for the association to survive. Among the options NAGASA is considering: downsize operations to balance the budget; merge with the National Paper Trade Association (NPTA) in a refocused and renamed association; share office space with NPES the Association for Supplier of Printing, Publishing & Converting Technologies; contract with an association multi-management firm to run NAGASA; or close down.

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