MyPrint Corp. — Keeps on Growing

The executive team of MyPrint Corp. includes (from the left) Kent Barkouras, president; Jim Trombley, CFO; and Craig Hath, executive vice president of sales.

EXPLOSIVE is how the executives at Irvine, CA-based MyPrint Corp. would describe the growth their company has experienced in the past three years. MyPrint operates on a simple mantra: “Focus on the things that make our customers very successful and do them exceedingly well.” The printer has doubled its revenues over the past three years by meeting clients’ brand needs—launching enhanced versions of Web-to-print capabilities and investing heavily in new equipment. “If we can bring tools to our customers that help them do their job very well and, at the same time, generate a substantial amount of work for us, the partnership is a win-win proposition,” notes Kent Barkouras, president of MyPrint.

Online Success

MyPrint’s success in recent years can be largely attributed to the growing demand for its online ordering applications, which the company launched and branded as “etools” in 2003. Tailored specifically for clients in the healthcare, travel, fitness and restaurant industries, etools allow organizations anywhere in the world to easily manage and order branded sales and marketing materials cost-effectively through a Web-based portal.

“The decision to implement etools gave us a five-year head start on our competitors,” explains Craig Hath, executive vice president of sales. “It has sparked the tremendous growth that we’ve seen in recent years.” In 2007 alone, etools helped fuel the company’s annual revenues to increase by more than 400 percent to $30+ million.

MyPrint has developed two releases of etools, 2.0 and 3.0, as well as etoolsproducts (, which was launched this past April. etoolsproducts have strengthened the company’s already growing niche in the restaurant industry by providing some of the largest family chain restaurants in North America a one-stop shop to help manage their brands. Applications include menu management, local store marketing, point-of-purchase promotion, training, HR and operations. Just last year, the company added 10 national restaurant brands as customers.

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