Muller Martini’s Variable Sleeve Offset Printing Technology to be Demonstrated at GRAPH EXPO

HAUPPAUGE, NY—09/15/2010—Muller Martini’s Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) press features a unique sleeve technology which allows print sizes to be changed efficiently without having to remove entire inserts, making the process not just quick and simple, but cost-conscious for the infinite variety of print lengths inherent to packaging. Two operator-friendly, low weight sleeves are the only parts that need to be exchanged in order to adjust print sizes.

Visitors to Booth #637 at GRAPH EXPO will be able to experience Muller Martini’s sleeve change functionality first hand – and for the first time in the Unites States. Muller’s booth will feature a pneumatically powered 33 ½” wide VSOP print tower which has been modified with a see-through doorway, allowing a unique perspective to the VSOP’s changeover technology. The demonstration reveals how easy and fast it is to change the sleeves in order to seamlessly accommodate a new printing job.

Muller Martini’s VSOP technology represents a singular solution for an array of markets including shrink sleeves, wet-glue, wrap-around and in-mold labels; films, laminates and food packaging; and folding boxes, liquid packaging and carton printing. It is available in two different web widths (i.e. 20 ½” and 33 ½”) and has a maximum production speed of 1,200 fpm.

In addition to its rapid changeovers, the VSOP web offset printing press delivers the first-class printing quality needed to meet the tough requirements of the packaging market. Other advantages of Muller Martini’s VSOP press include:

• Low cost. Standard offset plates can be used, which are less costly than image carriers used for flexo and gravure printing.
• High reproductiveness. The standardization of offset printing and the high level of automation guarantee extremely short setup times while maintaining precise color reproduction.
• Hybrid applicability. A range of other printing processes can be utilized, including flexo, screen, gravure and digital printing as well as finishing processes such as foil stamping, laminating, die cutting and sheeting.
• Optimum operator convenience. Their low weight makes the VSOP printing sleeves extremely easy to handle.

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