Muller Martini’s Enhanced PerformancePlus II Stitching Heads Contain Less Moving Parts

HAUPPAUGE, NY—May 1, 2014—Muller Martini recently announced the re-engineered PerformancePlus II Stitching Heads that is certain to revitalize these stitching consumables. For example, the heads contain significantly fewer moving parts. Traditional stitching heads contain anywhere from 25 to 40 parts. PerformancePlus II Stitching Heads feature only seven moving parts. That means operators spend a lot less time disassembling, repairing and maintaining heads. Also, there’s a lot less money spent on spare parts and tools.

What’s more, PerformancePlus II Stitching Heads provide the closest head configuration available in the industry, with a 40mm center-to-center distance. This maximizes efficiencies and represents the tightest head-to-head configuration possible in today’s market. In addition, only one type of head is required for small booklets to the thickest products.

Doug Stryker, division manager, Print Finishing Systems observed, “PerformancePlus II Stitching Heads will save binderies time and money. That’s because with significantly fewer moving parts, the on-going process of rebuilding heads is minimized. And since these re-engineered stitching heads are much more dependent on movement and angles than on actual parts, there’s a lot less maintenance. And with fewer parts there’s less lubrication and a much cleaner product, not to mention a cleaner work environment.”

About Muller Martini

Muller Martini is the world’s largest producer of print finishing solutions for commercial and book printers, trade binderies, newspapers, and digital book manufacturers. They are also the world’s leading manufacturer of variable size web offset presses. Muller’s innovative workflow solutions optimize processing efficiencies, while helping to build new revenue streams. With U.S. headquarters in Hauppauge, NY, Muller’s sales and support team provides training and responsive service to printers and binderies nationwide.

Source: Muller Martini.

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