Muller Martini Launches a New Services Label

MMUptodate: Regular updates extend the life span of the machines and ensure that they remain productive for many years. Thanks to all Muller Martini equipment having a modular design, machines can be retrofitted or expanded in line when new business models or market changes. A retrofit pays for itself very quickly.

MMInspect: The Muller Martini preventive inspection service keeps equipment in top condition provides complete security in terms of production continuity and also reduces operating costs. Experts analyze the systems and report problem areas and improvement potential to the customer.

MMImprove: Added value through training and advanced training: experienced Muller Martini experts provide operating personnel with a host of tips and tricks as well as thorough training. Customized training courses prepare machine operators for handling new equipment and keep them up to date with regard to developments and new features.

MMSelect: Production machinery must be serviced and inspected continuously to ensure efficient life cycle management. Thanks to a service contract based on predictable costs determined by annual price fixing, customers benefit immediately from this comprehensive expert service program.

About Muller Martini

Muller Martini is the world’s largest producer of print finishing solutions for commercial and book printers, trade binderies, newspapers, and digital book manufacturers. They are also the world’s leading manufacturer of variable size web offset presses. Muller’s innovative workflow solutions optimize processing efficiencies, while helping to build new revenue streams. With U.S. headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, Muller’s sales and support team provides training and responsive service to printers and binderies nationwide. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in Newport News, VA, and in Allentown, PA, home to Muller Martini Mailroom Systems, Inc.

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