Muller Martini Installs 100th Pantera Perfect Binder

HAUPPAUGE, NY—May 26, 2009—Offering an impressive range of formats, a host of different gluing and binding methods, simple operation and a compact design, the Pantera perfect binder from Muller Martini has quickly established itself as a best-selling product. The 100th line was recently installed in the USA.

One of the most significant benefits that the Pantera has to offer is the ability to apply several binding methods with great flexibility in the 4,000 cycles per hour performance range. And now, in addition to conventional hotmelt binding techniques, the Pantera can also process PUR Adhesive. This is a key benefit, as PUR binding is becoming increasingly popular in the mid-performance range. Removable glue trolleys accelerate the glue change process in the event of production changeovers.

Muller Martini has developed a VPN book spine nozzle that eliminates the need for glue pots. This nozzle applies the PUR adhesive sparingly, achieving even coverage and minimum thickness. Not only does this cost-saving method reduce glue consumption, it also enhances binding quality by virtue of the angular book spines it creates and the improved layflat. In contrast to roller application, a nozzle application system ensures that all pages of a book, from the very first to the very last, are evenly encased in the glue, thereby improving durability.

Simple Touch Screen Operation
The Pantera enables quick changeovers, resulting in extremely efficient production. The line is easy to operate via a touch screen, menu navigation is intuitive and the interactive Set-Up Companion is virtually self-explanatory. The Pantera is also available with AMRYS, the Automatic Make Ready System. This system delivers additional reductions in equipping and job changeover times. Perfect binders and gathering machines can be set up and operated separately for different orders thanks to positive drive technology.

The 100th Pantera line was recently installed at Gray Graphics, a trade binder in Capitol Heights, MD. The product offers a broad range of formats and a whole host of options that were not previously available in this performance segment, ensuring that Gray Graphics is now able to handle a diverse range of orders. In addition, a compact design featuring numerous variations is also possible, even if space is limited. Options range from stand-alone manual machinery right through to a complete industrial binding line with three-knife trimmer and counter stacker for three-shift operation.

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