MTL Print Celebrates New N.A. Headquarters, Executive Team Appointments

ATLANTA—June 29, 2012—In moves reflecting MTL Print’s high growth forecasts for the Americas, CEO Ran Emanuel has made several announcements, including the decision to establish a North American headquarters and a new executive organization for the region. Emanuel also said the company has made the decision to name the final version of the Meital 304D printer the NURstar 304.

MTL Print is renowned for its unique wide-format digital flatbed system, already in use around the world and at sign and packaging sites in North America. Chairman Moshe Nur, inventor of the first superwide inkjet printers, says that he and CTO Kobi Markovitch are “proud to see the NURstar name on the MTL Print system.”

According Emanuel, “Last month in the United States, a two-day open house—including live demonstrations of the system—reached full capacity. This capped off a year of growing demand from shops across the Continent.”

He ads that NURstar fulfills the growing North American need for its unique combination of advantages. “We’ve taken digital wide format to an advanced level, giving sign and packaging organizations the ability to create short or long run, very high quality jobs on a range of substrates, at speeds of up to 2,700 sq.ft. per hour, and at the lowest cost possible.”

North American Headquarters and Demonstration Center
MTL Print’s new headquarters and demonstration facility serving North America are located in Kennesaw, GA, outside of Atlanta and in the heart of what has become a popular headquarters location for many graphic arts and imaging manufacturers. The address is: 3042 Matlock Dr., Kennesaw, GA 30144.

New North American Executive Organization
Heading the list of new hires are industry sales veterans Pedro Marcano, Henry Maya, and Zohar Barabie. Marcano will serve as regional sales manager, West Coast; and Maya will support the organization in the same position, for the East Coast. Barabie will serve as sales manager for packaging.

Grand Opening
The company is planning to hold a grand opening on July 26-27, 2012, for the new Americas office, which will feature in-depth demonstration center sessions.

MTL was founded in 2007 by Kobi Markovitch and Moshe Nur, two pioneers of digital output technology. Nur, now chairman of the board, invented wideboard and blueboard—the first superwide inkjet printers. Among other companies, he founded NUR Macroprinters, which was subsequently sold to HP.

Kobi Markovitch, CTO, served as CTO and vice president, R&D at NUR Macroprinters. The 20-year industry veteran pioneered digital on demand and UV curing, and conceived of the best-selling Fresco, Tempo and Expedio wide format digital systems.

The NURstar 304 (formerly Meital 304D)
The NURstar is a robust and industrial grade wide format digital flatbed that delivers high quality and high throughput for POP, display, packaging, and more, all at the lowest cost per square feet.

With built-in variable dot size print technology, the four-color NURstar 304 achieves quality greater than six-color systems, and with lower ink consumption.

Its interchangeable table is a patent-pending function allowing non-stop production. Operators can load/unload while printing, thereby reducing wait-time between prints from the typical 50 seconds down to 12 seconds.

The dynamic UV system, also patent pending, is said to eliminate gloss banding and reduces electricity consumption.

Source: MTL.

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