MSP Digital Marketing and Tracer Imaging Announce Strategic Partnership

NEW CANAAN, CT—October 27, 2009—MSP Digital Marketing, LLC, formed earlier this year to create a unique national network of world-class marketing solutions providers, and Tracer Imaging, LLC, one of the country’s foremost developers of lenticular and 3D printing, have announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership agreement.

Tracer creates and prints lenticular products that simulate full motion video, 3D, dynamic swapping of two or three images, transformation of one image into another and seamless zoom effects. These various techniques can be used alone or combined to create a variety of promotional, retail and sales products. Over the past several years Tracer has successfully developed and produced a wide range of lenticular-based products to support the marketing efforts for many of the leading Fortune 500 companies. Steven Spiro and Stan Freimuth lead Tracer Imaging. The MSP Digital Marketing partners include Roy Grossman, Charles Stine, Jonathan Fogel and Edward Epstein.

According to Steven Spiro, “We are very excited to join together with the MSP team to aggressively build upon the success that Tracer has had to date. Roy, Chip and Jon have been a major force in the graphic communications industry for over 25 years, and MSP is an ideal platform for Tracer to continue to develop and grow. Stan and I look forward to their contribution to our sales, marketing and business development objectives and hope that this agreement is will lead to a more substantial and significant presence by MSP in our business.”

According to Roy Grossman, founding partner of MSP Digital, “Tracer’s products represent a truly unique opportunity for MSP to build on our objective of providing our clients with the widest range of high impact communication vehicles to effectively deliver their communications strategies to well defined target audiences. Steven’s comprehensive knowledge of the lenticular industry truly separates Tracer from its competition and is a perfect complement for MSP.”

Tracer Imaging, LLC is headquartered at 18 Glenn St., White Plains, NY, and operates two additional facilities in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas and can be found on the Internet at

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