MSI Piecing Together the Puzzle

The synergy will result in internal expansion for the company. Riback notes that additional jobs will create new opportunities for its employees as well as the maintenance of the company’s current full complement.

Riback envisions the new company as a leader in providing document publishing and production services.

“The big guys, the traditional large printers, haven’t been able to necessarily put all of the services under one roof and also provide a high level of service,” he says.

“They’re traditionally cookie-cutter type shops; you have to do it their way on their schedule. We are able to provide unique solutions using technology to streamline the customer’s document publishing time frame. What that does is free up our customers administratively and it frees up their budgets.”

Riback conceived the three-legged stool, as he calls it, two years ago and has worked toward the goal ever since. He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of adding additional companies to the mix.

“Future acquisitions will lean toward companies that can be synergistic for what we’re doing, what we add to the mix, that can help provide broader, stronger services to our customers,” Riback says.

By Erik Cagle

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