More PIA/GATF Candidates –Cagle

This is an open letter to Robert E. Murphy, the veteran leader at Japs-Olson and the chairman of the selection committee charged with finding the next man or woman who will become CEO of the Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, one of the commercial printing industry’s largest and most powerful associations.

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that the PIA/GATF has received in excess of 350 resumes both from people within and outside the industry vying for the chance to become the virtual czar of the commercial printing industry. While I am certain that there are many qualified applicants already in the fold, rest assured that the staff here at Before You Go has taken the liberty of conducting its own research.

I believe, sir, that you will be pleasantly surprised and extremely excited regarding the timber of applicants at your disposal. As it would be quite the conflict of interest for this column to recommend the ultimate decision as to the future leadership of the PIA/GATF, we have instead provided you with a narrowed field from which to choose this great individual.

Thus, while you schedule interviews for later this month, let us toss a few more hats in the ring and ratchet up the competition level another notch or two. Without further ado:

Bill Clinton: The former president is probably growing lonely and bored as his even-more-significant other makes her way through the political field. William Jefferson Clinton would love the task of heading up such a large organization and would presumably add heft to the PIA/GATF lobbying effort.

His charm, wit and grace will be somewhat offset by his weakness for cavorting. He’d be more likely to linger around Graph Expo booths that have hired models showcasing their products and services. And Creo may want to think twice before inviting him to the annual House of Blues party in Chicago. He’d end up on stage with Lynn Jordan, slurringly crooning, “It takes a big, big woman . . .”

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