Moquin Press Announces Climate Neutral Printing Process from ClimatePartner

SAN FRANCISCO—April 15, 2008—Moquin Press ( has announced that it will offer ClimatePartner’s ( climate neutral printing process.

Belmont-based Moquin Press has purchased the climate neutral printing process from ClimatePartner California, Inc. and will be the first printing house in the United States to offer this process. The process is currently available at over 45 printing houses in Europe and is endorsed by an association of German printers and the Association of Swiss Printers.

With the climate neutral printing process, CO2 emissions caused by the production of a client’s printed materials (catalogs, brochures, reports, etc.) will be neutralized by the purchase of ecological, high-quality emission reduction certificates. The printed material’s emissions are calculated based on the specific details of Moquin’s processes and machinery and on the specifications of the client’s individual print job, such as type of paper, volume, varnish, etc. The client may then obtain a certificate indicating the amount of CO2 emissions compensated and has permission to label their products as printed climate neutral. This process engages the Kyoto mechanisms to offer products and services that are climate neutral.

Greg Moquin, owner of Moquin Press, states, “By offering this process, we want to make a contribution to climate protection and enable our customers to do to the same—at minimal additional cost. We have instituted many environmentally-friendly changes in our daily business practices, but this one allows us to directly offer something to our customers beyond the traditional steps of recycled paper and soy-based inks.”

As the first printing house in the Bay Area, Moquin Press provides their customers the opportunity to print climate neutral. By offering this process, Moquin Press assumes a leading role in voluntary climate protection with integrated solutions as an enabler and provider for his customers.

Says Anne Vick, Managing Director of ClimatePartner California, “This is a great opportunity for Moquin Press to enhance the opportunities of their printing business and engage in voluntary climate protection. They are creating real added value for their clients. We are very happy to be working with Moquin Press.”

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