MOO Teams with Facebook to Produce ‘Social’ Business Cards from Timelines

LONDON/PROVIDENCE, RI—Jan. 5, 2012— has launched a new model of social-business networking with the integration of Facebook and its customized printed business card services. The product allows each card to have a unique look and feel, and bridges the gap between online and offline.

The more than 800 million people on Facebook now can take advantage of a first-come, first-serve offer from MOO to order 50 free printed Facebook Cards for the first 200,000 people.

Each of the cards, designed and personalized by each individual, can feature a different photo image on the front of the cards together with a favorite quote or saying on the reverse. Instead of every business card having the same look and feel, with MOO’s “Printfinity” feature, people can pair just the right images for the right business or social occasions.

The integration will give Facebook users the ability to leverage the content they’re adding to their Timelines to produce their own Facebook “social” business card. People will now be able to take snapshots of their lives from their Timelines and bring them into their offline social and business networking experience with the Facebook Card.

“ is very excited to announce this integration with Facebook to provide a revolutionary new customer experience that brings together Facebook Timeline with MOO’s high-quality printed products,” said Richard Moross, CEO and founder. “It’s clear that consumer habits of sharing business and personal information are evolving, and the lines between online social networking and offline business networking are not just blurring, but vanishing.

“This integration places MOO and Facebook at the leading edge of this new trend: seamlessly turning your dynamic online presence into a beautifully designed, high-quality offline ‘social’ business card. We’re very excited about this new and unique way to share your contact details, and other profile information, with friends in the real world,” added Moross.

“Timeline helps people tell their story on Facebook and feature the parts of their life that mean the most to them,” said Facebook spokesperson Jillian Stefanki. “The integration makes it possible for people to take this same experience with them offline.”

According to MOO’s internal research, consumers are increasingly looking to “socialize” their business card experience in the off-line arena, adding personal touches commonly associated with Facebook Timelines. MOO data shows consumers have a desire to stand out more when sharing contact information in a business setting.

About MOO
MOO is an award-winning online print business that is passionate about great design and the difference it can make to its customers and the world. Launched in 2006, MOO aims to disrupt the $100 billion global print industry by combining the values of professional design with accessibility and reach of the web; making great design available to all. By applying Web 2.0 principles to a 500 year-old market, MOO has become one of the fastest growing print businesses in the world, with triple digit annual growth and a global reach since launch. MOO prints millions of cards a month and has served customers in over 180 countries. MOO also empowers companies of 10 or more employees with MOO Business Services, offering volume discounts and easy order management for entire organizations.

Source: MOO.

  • Anna Tiry

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