Modern International Graphics — Attitude Means Everything

Dennis Castiglione, executive vice president, and David Margiotta, president, steer the $15 million, G7 Master Printer.

MODERN International Graphics is an FSC-certifed, $15 million, G7 Master Printer with a dozen Fortune 500 clients. But, it’s the way that the company operates—its corporate culture—that is truly exciting for the company’s leaders.
“At Modern, everyone is on board, both management and employees, when it comes to embracing our mission: Perform every day with purpose, pride and a passion for our customers, our company and for each other,” says David Margiotta, president.

“You can judge an organization by what you hear in the lobby. Here, you hear lots of laughter. We have a great attitude, which is what we are all about at Modern.”

And, according to Dennis Castiglione, executive vice president, the company’s 94 full-time employees also share the East Lake, OH-based company’s core values: proud execution, passionate service, innovative spirit, respectful culture and profitable growth.

“Our shoulders aren’t slumped,” Margiotta affirms. “Even in these difficult economic times, we’re not depressed.

“And, we communicate that to our clients. We’re not participating in this recession…or, at least, we’re trying not to.”

Economy Views

“This is a time of tremendous opportunity,” contends Castiglione. “With less and less people within companies to do the work, we become more important than ever. It’s critical that our clients stay engaged with their customers. We help them solve their business problems and grow their businesses as their media and marketing specialists.”

Castiglione notes that 12 of the company’s top 20 clients started out as buyers of commercial printing, but grew into other media products, particularly cross-media, variable data digital printing and various Web-based portal solutions, such as asset management, document creation and print procurement.

“We’re not exactly recession-proof, but we’re definitely standing strong,” adds Margiotta. “Our Web-to-print solutions make it extremely difficult for our competition to compete with us. They can’t steal our clients because our customers need us and the solutions we offer. We not only design their Websites and e-applications—we maintain them. Therefore, our business and our customers’ businesses are intertwined.”

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  • http://DonaldBrewster Donald Brewster

    Hello, my name is Donald G. Brewster I was reading your ” attitude means everything” article.

    I would like to make a correction concerning both Modern Impressions and International Printing being union shops.

    When I merged with the companies (I worked for International Printing), Modern Impressions was not a union shop. International was a union shop with Graphic International 546, when the companies merged Modern Impressions wanted International Printing to drop the union.

  • John

    Less than a year after this article was written, Modern’s assets were purchased by Consolidated Graphics in Texas.

    So much for recession-proof.