Mitsubishi Plate Receives Technology Award

RYE, NY—March 20, 2009—Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. is pleased to announce that its Thermal DigiPlate has recently been awarded the 2009 Distinguished Technology Award presented by the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology. The Distinguished Technology Award recognizes a technology that made extraordinary contribution to the development of printing.

Thermal DigiPlate had already been awarded a “GOLD” Clione Mark ranking by the Environment Pollution Prevention Printing Association (E3PA) in Japan. This rank is only given to printing plates that are recognized as the most ecological in the industry.

Thermal DigiPlate is a breakthrough in printing plate technology. The unique thermal fusing technology generates printing plates that are completely processless and do not require any chemical development. Environmentally friendly, the system produces no waste except for the plate itself.

“We are both delighted and humbled by the honors recently bestowed on Thermal DigiPlate,” said Colleen Molkenbur, Senior Product Manager at Mitsubishi Imaging. “As sustainability is becoming more prevalent in the printing industry, these awards validate the direction that our parent, Mitsubishi Paper Mills, has taken with regard to developing products which utilize our own innovative patented technologies and are friendlier for the environment.”

Thermal DigiPlate is a revolutionary new flexible CTP plate that is completely processless and chemistry free. TDP-459 platesetter can produce up to 60 plates per hour and output plates up to 18.1 x 20.7. It is an excellent choice for small printers who want an eco-friendly upgrade from laser and electrostatic plates and high-volume printers that need consistent single/spot color printing plates.

About Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc.
Mitsubishi Imaging is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Paper Mills and a leading provider of state-of-the-art imaging products and technical expertise to printers in both North and South America. It supplies innovative CTP solutions to the printing industry, incorporating the benchmark SilverMaster® and Silver DigiPlateTM plate materials. Mitsubishi Imaging also provides the widest range of inkjet media to meet any high resolution imaging need, and offers its branded Diamond Jet inkjet substrates for proofing, photo and poster printing applications. Mitsubishi Imaging is the exclusive distributor of Pictorico inkjet products in the Americas. Visit for more information.

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