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Mitsubishi Spotlights Production Processes at GRAPH EXPO

September 20, 2012

HUNT VALLEY, MD—September 20, 2012—At GRAPH EXPO 2012, MLP U.S.A. will present integrated digital technologies to help printing operations profitability deliver eye-catching quality while reducing their work’s impact on the environment. The company will expand on themes discussed at the successful drupa exposition last May in Germany tailored to the needs of print service providers doing business closer to home.

“Our goal is for there never to be any doubt when the ink dries that the sheets were printed on a Mitsubishi press,” said Marke Baker, senior vice president, printing machinery. “Mitsubishi continues to develop cutting-edge systems to manage production, maintain consistent color and simplify operation. Visitors to GRAPH EXPO 2012 will discover how the advanced functions that constitute the Mitsubishi digital network maximize press production time, minimize press downtime and enable high value-added printed products.”

As a press manufacturer, Mitsubishi has championed productivity-enhancing print solutions and less skill-intensive press operations. The Mitsubishi digital network encompasses the entire printing plant, management information systems (MIS), and marketing, materials and production management departments. Press, production and maintenance data are centrally managed in real time. With preset data required by the press generated from MIS and prepress, virtually any press operator can achieve stable, standardized printing.

Intelligent to the core
IPC III, the latest generation of Mitsubishi’s intelligent automated press control system, is a vital link in the digital chain. A knowledge-based press control terminal with fully compatible digital interface, IPC III connects Mitsubishi printing presses to the rest of a printer’s operations. IPC III allows press operators to execute everything from makeready tasks to press startup to quality color control. It facilitates presetting of press functions, repeat job control and automatic printing. New features include eco-mode operation to reduce the minimum speed of the press when necessary, a calculator to track ink consumption and daily plate change counting.

The JDF-capable IPC II Server acts as the point of contact between the press and MIS. Similarly, the PPC II Server interfaces with the prepress stage. The MCCS-e, a spectrophotometer-based, offline color control system that communicates with IPC III, addresses the need for consistent color by controlling for solid area ink density and gray balance.

Uniform color printing
Unveiled for Mitsubishi sheetfed presses at drupa 2012, DIAMOND EYE-S combines on-press color and inspection control in one unit. DIAMOND EYE-S has a printing defect check function and a function to control colors through real-time density measurement. Based on the printing characteristics of the press, DIAMOND EYE-S compares prepress image data with actual image data and automatically adjusts color density to reach the target. Operators are freed from having to pull samples during print runs or manually perform ink key adjustments.


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