Mitsubishi Imaging to Demo 4-Up Processless, Chemistry-free CTP at PRINT 13

The TDP-670E Thermal DigiPlate, from Mitsubishi Imaging, has been designed to be a larger, four-up version of the dual function TDP-459E CTP and film imager unit.

RYE, NY— September 6, 2013—Mitsubishi Imaging is conducting a technology demonstration at PRINT 13 of its four-up 100 percent processless and 100 percent chemistry-free computer to plate Thermal DigiPlater in booth 250.

Named TDP-670E, this Thermal DigiPlate unit has been designed to be a larger, four-up version of the dual function TDP-459E CTP and film imager unit so popular with small-format printers today.

The TDP-670E four-up CTP unit is truly processless and chemistry-free. That means it requires absolutely no chemicals, toner or ink ribbons for imaging. In addition to being green, the TDP-670E is easy to use and cost-effective to maintain.

“We emphasize the green aspects of our computer to plate products, but it’s also worth mentioning that the TDP-670E is fully automated, which makes it ideal for four-up printers who specialize in mostly one- or two-color jobs,” explained Suzanne Bostick Sr., product marketing manager, graphic arts. “With 1,200 dpi resolution, high speed production and
the capability of making both plates and film, this Thermal DigiPlater is well suited for high-volume environments looking for a productive and eco-friendly option.”

Stop by Mitsubishi Imaging booth #250 to see this technology demonstration and our other environmentally-friendly computer-to-plate solutions.

This product is not yet commercially available.

About Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM)
Mitsubishi Imaging, a leader in sustainable green technology, provides the printing industry in North and South America premium digital paper and environmentally-friendly computer to plate solutions. Mitsubishi’s digital papers are designed for
multiple applications and to meet printer’s proofing and digital printing requirements. Mitsubishi Imaging’s portfolio includes a wide range of wide format inkjet media such, as Diamond Jet, Diamond Proof, Pictorico and Grace papers. With years of expertise in inkjet coatings, Mitsubishi now offers premium coated inkjet papers for high-speed color inkjet presses. In addition, Mitsubishi offers specialty digital papers with luster metallic finishes for HP digital offset presses.

Mitsubishi has been supplying printers Silver DigiPlate and Silver Master plate material for decades. Mitsubishi’s eco-friendly CTP solutions include the low chemistry usage SDP-Eco1630IIIR, the processless Thermal DigiPlater and the chemistry-free Violet DigiPlater.

Source: Mitsubishi Imaging.

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