Mimeo.com Launches Fotobooks Application on Facebook Platform

NEW YORK—May 14, 2010—Today, Mimeo.com, the leading online printing and distribution company, announced the launch of fotobooks on Facebook Platform. The new application enables consumers to create, print and mail custom photo books using pictures shared and stored on Facebook, all for under $6.

“Our goal with the fotobooks application is to demonstrate the versatility of the Mimeo open platform, including our front-end and print production technology,” said Mimeo CEO Adam Slutsky. “Facebook has over 400 million active users who upload more than 2.5 billion digital photos per month. This is the perfect way to demonstrate how our platform can scale to meet the print requirements of a large consumer audience.”

To create a photo book, consumers simply visit the fotobooks application within Facebook. From there, they can select photographs to be included in a custom photo book. Once complete, any quantity of photo books can be ordered and delivered to any number of locations in about 5 days.

“Mimeo’s model, which is to provide elastic print capacity in the cloud, is a breakthrough approach for monetizing digital content with print,” said David Uyttendaele, CTO of Mimeo.com. “For the fotobooks application we wanted to demonstrate how our technology can meet requirements that are unique to each platform, which in this case is to work with compressed photo assets archived by Facebook, and then reproduce them as high quality printed images.”

The fotobooks Facebook Platform launch follows the announcement of several new Mimeo open platform partners including Scribd.com and SlideRocket.com.

To find out more about “fotobooks on Facebook” visit http://apps.facebook.com/fotobooks.

About Mimeo.com

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