Milwaukee Brewers Donates Trees to Offset Printed Tickets

MADISON, WI—Oct. 20, 2011—The Milwaukee Brewers recently donated 150 landscape-sized saplings to the Department of Natural Resources as part of the team’s “Root, Root, Root for the Brewers” tree planting campaign. For every 20,000 tickets sold during the regular season, the team donated a tree to be planted on the neighboring state-owned Hank Aaron State Trail. The goal of the initiative was to offset the number of trees used to print the club’s season ticket sales.

“What a fantastic opportunity to work with the Brewers, celebrate the value trees have to the environment and enhance one of our most popular state trail corridors,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp.

Fifteen native species, including serviceberry, pagoda dogwood, hackberry, hawthorn, and Kentucky coffee tree will be located along the bike trail and pedestrian bridge. Half of the trees were planted in mid-October with the balance to be put in the ground next spring. McKay Nursery of Waterloo provided the nursery stock and are responsible for the planting. The DNR will oversee future care and maintenance of the saplings.

“We enjoy developing close working relationships with partners like the Milwaukee Brewers in the metro area,” said Melissa Cook, Hank Aaron State Trail property manager. “The trees being donated by the Brewers add more green space and beauty to our trail visitors’ experience. It’s a gift that will be enjoyed for many years to come.”

According to the National Tree Benefit Calculator, each young sapling, depending on species, will off-set from six to 12 pounds of carbon during the first planting season. As the trees grow, their contributions to greening Milwaukee will increase.

Source: DNR.

  • Michelle L. Bracali

    What are the Brewers doing to offset the carbon imprint of the private team plane? Grrr…another misconception that print is "bad." As part of the industry we need to be more diligent about spreading the word. Paper is renewable! Nothing against the Brewers and I have to believe their intentions are good but come on. Kind of like putting a forest fire out with a bucket of water.