Microcut Systems Attract International Crowd for Colter & Peterson at Ipex

PATERSON, NJ—April 10, 2014—When you have a product line that delivers strong performance and has a large global presence, chances are good people will want to learn more about it. Microcut/Colter & Peterson figured new Microcut automated backgauge control systems for paper cutters would attract attention at Ipex. They were right as an international audience made their presence known at the six-day show in London, which concluded on March 29.

“It was a great show,” commented Richard Peereboom, C&P’s sales manager for Latin America. “We had many people from all over the world stop by our stand and they were quite impressed with the live demonstrations we conducted on a Polar paper cutter with Microcut.”

Colter & Peterson debuted two new systems and demonstrated two popular and highly reliable programs. Ipex visitors saw the new Microcut COLOR WS and Microtrack II, in addition to the Microcut PLUS WS and Microcut JR.

“I spoke with a lot of people from India, Pakistan, Africa, the Middle East and other countries,” said Peereboom. “When you combine them with those who talked with our U.K. distributor, Consensus Guillotine, there aren’t many countries we didn’t have a conversation with at Ipex. “It was very good exposure with high quality traffic. We spent a lot of time educating the audience and they were impressed with Microcut. Most of them told us about the cheaper retrofit systems that exist on the international market and are not very reliable. I’m hopeful that some of them will become customers in the near future.”

Microcut offers terrific value and that’s only one of many reasons why there are over 30,000 installations around the world. Besides costing a fraction of what it would for a new paper cutter, it is extremely flexible and can be adapted to any brand of paper cutter between 20″ to 150″, including C&P’s Prism and Saber lines. Improved features include digital read out displays and easy conversion from centimeters and millimeters or inches, plus a more modern look.

Unlike most retrofit systems on the international market that are not programmable, each Microcut system is automated and memorizes cutting sequences instantly. This allows the backgauge to automatically position itself to deliver a precise cut within 1/64 of an inch. For example, Microcut COLOR WS guides the correct position movement faster and more accurately using a computer guidance system.

Microtrack II is a cost effective digital display and programming guide which increases the accuracy and productivity of manually operated paper-cutters. Manual, Program and Automatic options provide a visual alert to make the operator aware of when the backgauge is properly positioned.

Microcut PLUS WS was demonstrated at Ipex. It offers a 12″ wide-format touchscreen and the new microcip and microfacts features. Microcut JR caught the attention of small shop operators using paper cutters up to 37″ in size. Advanced programming options include label and sheet divide, allowing complicated jobs to be programmed with only a few data entries.

About Colter & Peterson

Colter & Peterson is North America’s largest independent distributor of paper cutters and paper handling equipment. Founded in 1932, C&P employs approximately 50 people working coast-to-coast from five locations in New Jersey, Iowa and California. C&P is the manufacturer of the Microcut line of retrofit back gauge controllers and the worldwide distributor of Prism and Saber paper cutters, as well as C&P and Schneider Engineering Peripheral equipment. The company also is the North American distributor of the CPM precision knife sheeter, and for Horauf and C&P Accutrim three knife trimmers. In addition, C&P purchased and provides service and support for the Harris-Seybold and Dexter-Lawson line of paper cutters.

Source: Colter & Peterson.

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