Metzgers Expands its Green Printer Status with Large Solar Array

One section of Metzgers Printing + Mailing’s new rooftop solar array.

TOLEDO, OH—Nov. 9, 2010—Metzgers Printing + Mailing is adding a rooftop photovoltaic solar array that covers more than 9,500 sq.ft. and will generate up to 13 percent of its annual power usage. This is one of the largest rooftop solar panel installations by an Ohio-based privately held company.

“It’s amazing to see it all come together,” states Joe Metzger, company president. “Most large solar installations are at public institutions, but to be one of the largest solar installations on the roof of a privately held company in Ohio is something our team and our customers can be proud of.”

The solar array includes 4,095 sq.ft. of panels on the main printing plant on Arco Dr., and 5,444 sq.ft. of panels on the Mailing & Fulfillment Center on Frenchmens Rd. The total array is capable of producing up to 125,580 watts at any given point in time, during peak conditions. And up to 144,417 kilowatt hours within a 12 month period. In general terms, this would power just over 13 U.S. households, or 1,255 100-watt light bulbs continuously.

“This is another important step in a long-term plan to expand our green printer status” adds Joe Metzger. “From company-wide recycling efforts to being the first printer in northwest Ohio to receive certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, installing solar panels further helps limit our company’s impact on the environment.”

Environmental Equivalencies:

• 104 Metric Tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year
• 229,281 pounds of CO2 emissions avoided per year
• 241 Barrels of Oil NOT imported per year
• 19.8 passenger cars taken off the road each year
• 11,666 gallons of gasoline for which combustion avoided per year
• 237,986 miles driven in a passenger car, per year


Solscient Energy, LLC ( provided the system design, installation and development of the solar array. Solscient is a fully integrated solar energy finance and development company and is a tenant at The University of Toledo’s Clean and Alternative Energy Incubator program.

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