Metzgers Launches ‘Print Big Checks’ and ‘The Printing Shack’ Online Print Stores

Printing Shack items are printed digitally on a Xerox iGen4 press, which allows quick turnaround and low costs.

“Some online printers are online companies that added printing capabilities. Other online printers use gang printing to attain their low price competitiveness. Gang printing is where they print orders for different customers together on the same sheet to reduce their manufacturing costs,” said Metzger.

The Printing Shack provides the online experience of the big guys with the personalized care, attention to detail and the service of Metzgers. A few of the benefits over the competition are:

  • The ability to fully customize items (Front and Back)
  • No cost for uploading images
  • Upfront pricing for items
  • Capability to upload custom designs
  • Hundreds of template choices
  • Quick turnaround without additional charges

About Metzgers
Metzgers is a printing, mailing, fulfillment, and marketing firm serving corporations, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and ad agencies across the United States.

Source: Metzgers.

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