Metzgers Launches ‘Print Big Checks’ and ‘The Printing Shack’ Online Print Stores

TOLEDO, OH—Nov. 1, 2011—October was an innovative month for Metzgers, which has taken the first steps into online sales by unveiling two websites aimed at selling print.

The company introduced a micro-site to sell large-format presentation checks under the brand Print Big Checks and an online digital print store, branded The Printing Shack, to provide common business and home items, such as business cards and flyers/sell sheets.

Print Big Checks offers check sizes ranging from 15×33” up to 35×77”. Six templates are currently offered on the site. There are plans to expand the template/design offerings.

Standard check fields are customizable, allowing users to generate content specific to their needs. Logos can be uploaded and added to the checks.

“I see these checks everywhere,” said Joe Metzger, president of Metzgers. “Small events, large events, in Hollywood movies and on late night TV… At Golf events, charity events… They are everywhere. The potential is wide open.”

The site was built with customer usability in mind. Instead of overwhelming users with tiered pricing or dozens of materials and add-ons, three best-choice materials were picked and a simple pricing structure with flat-rate shipping created.

“The customer clicks here, types in a number there, and the text for the dollar amount is automatic. No other site on the web has such great features,” said Metzger. “Our pricing is so low that we don’t plan to get rich off of this, just serve our customers daily throughout the United States and Canada.”

The Printing Shack offers a low-cost and high-quality alternative to some of the larger online print sites. Six items are currently available: business cards, envelopes, greeting cards, letterhead, postcards, and sell sheets/flyers.

“The Printing Shack is a resource where businesses can order their simple printed items online, pay with a credit card, yet receive the high quality and service from a trusted partner—Metzgers,” said Metzger.

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