Merritt’s Cross-Media Solution Lifts IRBsearch’s Direct Marketing Success

HARTFORD, CT—March 30, 2011—IRBsearch, an online database provider in Tallahassee, FL, wanted to use a new type of campaign that could enhance the capability to track qualified leads and customer activity. With some online research on cross-media marketing and personalized URLs (pURLs), it decided to employ these tactics.

A 55 percent visit-to-lead ratio and access to high-quality leads for the business development team drove new customer conversions at IRBsearch. It quickly saw the benefits of utilizing cross-media marketing solutions executed by Joseph Merritt & Co. to promote its online databases solutions.

“We’ve been doing direct mail campaigns for years now; its something that’s tried and true for us. We know that direct mail works,” explains Rebecca Roberts, National Marketing Director for IRBsearch. “We’ve never used pURLs before and decided based on our research that it was worth implementing this technology as part of our latest campaign.

“We have thoroughly tracked other campaigns and found standard direct mail to be successful. We knew that adding the ability to monitor customer activity in real time could only increase our results by allowing us to better understand and react to our customers’ needs. We were excited to see how our marketing efforts would be positively impacted by utilizing the technology that Joseph Merritt & Co. was able to provide.”

With thousands of highly targeted direct mail pieces sent, one of the biggest benefits of employing the Merritt Cross-Media Marketing technology was access to the real-time analytics throughout the campaign. IRBsearch sales and marketing staff was able to immediately track all activity that pertained to the campaign versus waiting several weeks or months to see customers converting.

With a true cross-media approach, the Merritt Cross-Media Marketing solution was able to track and maintain visits from IRBsearch’s Facebook page, numerous homepage links, outbound emails, and other sources. Funneling all visitors to one point of conversion gave them highly intelligent analytics—even from sources other than the direct mail portion of the campaign.