Merritt Graphics Big Color Division Adds a New, Five-Meter-Wide Matan Hybrid Printer

Merritt Graphics Big Color Division's new five-meter-wide Matan 8QW hybrid printer.

The Matan 8QW is a high definition, eight-color hybrid printer—it can print roll to roll or direct to substrates.

HARTFORD, CT—April 24, 2014—Merritt Graphics Big Color Division has increased its offerings with a new, five-meter-wide Matan hybrid printer.

Technology continues to revolutionize the printing industry. It seems every day there is a newer, bigger, better, or faster printer, workflow management system, color calibration system, or Web-to-print program. These advancements raise the bar in terms of increasing production, lowering operating costs, and offering more diversity to printers and in turn their clients. Matan recently raised the bar even higher, with a new printer that the company is calling “Super Wide at its Best.”

The Matan 8QW is a high definition, eight-color (including white), hybrid printer (meaning it prints roll to roll or direct to substrates). It uses optical camera registration for perfect double-sided printing. The Matan is versatile and suited for all types and sizes of applications, both indoor and outdoor. It produces top-quality prints, at high production velocity, for products such as: point-of-purchase (POP) displays, indoor decorations, backlit signs, exhibition graphics, outdoor billboards, fleet graphics, and building wraps. The grand-format white printing capability further expands profitable printing opportunities.

Merritt Graphics, located in East Hartford, Connecticut, is the grand-format printing division of Joseph Merritt Co. headquartered in Hartford, CT. The company currently serves markets including: out of home and transit, POP, indoor and retail graphics, vehicle graphics, Event Exhibit & Venue graphics and custom sign fabrication. Production in these areas can be demanding with over-sized projects and tight deadlines.

Merritt has been at the forefront of the print revolution and continues to lead in grand-format color printing. When the company found that their current equipment couldn’t manage all the types and sizes of incoming jobs, Merritt purchased a custom Matan 8QW to satisfy these demands. It is currently one of two in the United States configured as a five-meter-wide hybrid printer.

“Merritt Graphics chose the Matan 8QW because the system included a unique package of value-added features and options,” said Pat Freer, corporate vice president and director of the Big Color Division of Merritt Graphics. “After comparing the Matan to other wide-format print systems, we quickly realized the combination of high quality, increased productivity, minimal waste, ease of use, and reduced labor was exactly what we were looking for.”

In addition to acquiring the Matan, Merritt Graphics Big Color Division recently moved to a new 27,000+-square-foot headquarters, showroom, and manufacturing facility in East Hartford. “We required a system to serve as the backbone of our increased production,” added Freer. “With the Matan’s production speeds up to 3,800 s/f per hour, our capacity has drastically increased. The print quality and colors are outstanding, and it’s easy and economical to switch between color print modes.”

The new Matan is expected not only to support growth in Merritt’s existing markets, but also to open doorways to new opportunities. Freer concluded, “Now we can reduce production time and costs which gives us a competitive edge with pricing. Merritt is prepared. We have the capacity to service additional business including wholesale accounts in need of a trusted, super-wide print partner.”

Source: Merritt Graphics.

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