Merrill Corp. Implementing ADF Workflow from InfoPrint Solutions

A recent IDC survey found that 68 percent of respondents receive their ADF solutions from InfoPrint Solutions.* It is likely many of these companies have deployed the company’s solutions to address the needs of HIPAA, Regulation Z and other federal regulations similar to Merrill.

“As a technology enabled print and fulfillment solution provider, Merrill is leading the way for companies with diverse technology environments and hybrid workflow needs. On one hand, they need to optimize their existing business and, on the other hand, they are expanding their capabilities to tap into new markets that have very stringent requirements,” said Sandra Zoratti, Vice President, Global Solutions Marketing, InfoPrint Solutions. “We are excited that Merrill can leverage the power, flexibility and scalability of our software and professional services teams and are pleased to have Merrill as an important InfoPrint Solutions partner.”

Automating print and mail processes has traditionally been a daunting task, but InfoPrint Solutions’ technologies make it easier to achieve increased automation and higher productivity. An ADF connects disparate hardware, software and processes into one unified workflow with a single point of control. This can greatly reduce production and postal costs. Integrity improvements help to ensure each mailpiece is produced correctly with full accountability. Mailers in regulated sectors such as financial services, healthcare and insurance have been using ADFs for years as part of their cost savings and compliance initiatives.

Merrill’s ADF Solution spans InfoPrint Solution’s broad software portfolio including capabilities that manage print across various Océ and Xerox printers, enable automatic error detection and reprinting, monitor service level agreements, capture data and generate reports, interface with the USPS, enable management of multiple sites and more. The solution interfaces with Merrill’s business systems to capture work tasks and provide extensive reporting. It leverages camera tracking from Ironsides Technology to monitor kit integrity across a variety of finishing devices. Ironsides’ systems communicate back to InfoPrint ProcessDirector, which oversees the entire production process.

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