Justice Says Money Talks, Killers Walk —Cagle

MOST OF us don’t know Vickie Monfore from Adam (or should we say Anna). If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because she was on our news pages in the March issue, having been sentenced to nearly 24 years in prison for embezzling about $1.5 million from her former Eugene, OR, employer, the now-defunct IP/Koke Printing.

While I don’t know Miss Monfore personally, I feel like I have a pretty good read on the type of person she is…adventurer, fun-loving and a gambler in more ways than one. She took more than 30 flights to Las Vegas, and also used the ill-gotten booty to pay for hotels, vacations and cruises. Vickie tried to wiggle out of the judicial net by claiming a gambling addiction.

Truth is, she likes to take risks because the promise of a big payday is too much to pass up. The thrill of the act is what makes her feel alive, like being unfaithful to a spouse when marital relations become stale. Most of us are hard-wired to believe this to be wrong and don’t act on such impulses.

I won’t rehash the entire story here but, in the final analysis, Vickie was blamed for the demise of IP/Koke Printing by the former owners, who are now in a different business. It was pointed out that the amount she took was close to the same amount the company borrowed in an effort to stay afloat, an effort that failed.

Is it true? Did Vickie single-handedly bring down the company? Only the balance sheet knows for sure, but I think she’s being scape-goated. And, since she did steal money, it’s easier to conclude that it was her conniving and not managerial ineptness that caused IP/Koke to capsize.

But, lost in the mix is that the former CFO apparently was asleep at the wheel while she raided the coffers, constituting managerial ineptness. Frankly, I find it hard to believe the CFO knew nothing. That ownership hasn’t pursued this man legally is interesting, if not baffling.