Newspaper Printers Increase Efficiency, Extend Editorial Deadlines and Reduce Environmental Impact with Kodak Solutions

ROCHESTER, NY—March 2, 2010—The Memphis (Tenn.) Daily News and Yorktown Heights, NY-based Chase Press have improved production efficiency, output quality and environmental performance with their recent purchases of a complete newspaper prepress solution from Kodak.

When The Memphis Daily News needed an equipment upgrade, publisher Eric Barnes simply performed an Internet search for “direct-to-plate” to peruse different vendors.

“We were still running film and needed an upgrade,” Barnes said. “Kodak made the transition to digital an easy process by providing an entire solution at the right time, with the right price.”

The newspaper installed a Kodak Trendsetter News Thermal Platesetter with Kodak PF-N Non Process Plates, Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow and Kodak PREPS Imposition Software. Covering business and politics primarily, The Memphis Daily News employs 45 people. It has been independently owned by the same family since 1886. The daily edition has a circulation of 3,500 and the weekly edition boasts 20,000 subscribers. Barnes was seeking to relieve some of the pressure on editorial lead times and improve error-checking controls.

“We were looking for speed, first and foremost,” said Barnes. “We’ve gone from three hours burning film down to an hour making plates. From the time we push ‘print’ to being on the press, we’re saving two hours. That allows us to push editorial deadlines back. Plus, the workflow allows us to more efficiently correct mistakes before they hit the plate.”

Making the change to non-process plates was also a plus for The Memphis Daily News. The paper has made significant improvements in its facilities to improve environmental efficiencies. Updating its printing process with a plate that has a smaller environmental footprint, such as the non-process plates, seemed to be the logical next step.

Chase Press is a newly formed division of Chase Media Group, a multimedia publishing products company serving the upper Hudson Valley, N.Y., area for 52 years. The fastest growing enterprise organization among the company’s seven product areas, Chase Press prints newspapers and shoppers, plus does other commercial print work.

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