MCS to Introduce the Falcon Inkjet Printer at GRAPH EXPO

GAITHERSBURG, MD—October 1, 2012—MCS Inc. has announced its new HP-based inkjet print system—the Falcon. The Falcon will help commercial printers and mailing companies reach new heights of production and flexibility—at a low cost. The latest generation of MCS’ HP-based systems is designed with the latest hardware advances—including Gigabit Ethernet for bandwidth capabilities to allow up to 24″ of Falcon print-on-one controller.

The flexibility and ease of use of the MCS Array inkjet has also been taken to the next level with the addition of the newly released Raptor software. Benefits of the Raptor include: an optional PDF workflow; more ink-saving options, expanded graphic layout capabilities (including step-and-repeat for variable elements) and additional new barcodes. This is in addition to existing features such as remote job setup and electronic proofing that have been enjoyed by MCS customers for several years.

An entirely new feature of the hardware and software combination is the ability to seamlessly drive Falcon print heads and Eagle print heads on the same system. It is a common request to add an HP-based head to an Eagle system to get a quick, low-cost way to add extra print width. Now this is easily achieved. Customers will also enjoy the ability to setup jobs for the Falcon or Eagle systems on one Raptor platform. This solution centralizes resources and minimizes setup time—while dramatically reducing training needs across the organization.

The Raptor print heads also come equipped with an accuracy-enhancing “encoder translator” in the new input/output module. As print quality requirements expand for most customers, the positional accuracy of inkjet encoders is even more critical. The MCS encoder translator can eliminate even small errors in encoder readings by allowing compensation for speed or position inaccuracies from variance in encoder wheel or transport roller diameter variance. Enhanced accuracy is complemented with the Falcon’s Enhanced Rasterization Technology (ERT) which gives crisper fonts and graphics at 600 DPI resolution.

The Falcon is compatible with the MCS Perfect Match camera systems and is offered with a full range of inks tailored to coated, uncoated and aqueous coated stocks. Customers will be able to view the Falcon at GRAPH EXPO 2012 – Booth 3619.

About MCS
MCS is a leading provider of technology for the production mailing market. MCS’ inkjet hardware, software and camera systems provide the integration cornerstone for high-speed mailing and hybrid inkjet printing, as well as matching systems for inserters. The new MCS Eagle inkjet family has both UV-Curable and water-based inks in the latest generation modular 4.25″, 600 DPI print head technology. The new Falcon printer utilizes HP industrial inkjet technology with the newly announced Raptor Controller—which can power the Eagle and Falcon printers together. MCS’ new production color digital presses offer print-quality and VDP workflow solutions designed for direct mailers and MCS high-speed inserters complete the technology needs required for today’s production facilities.

Source: MCS.

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