MCS to Show Six New Products for Direct Mailers at GRAPH EXPO

GAITHERSBURG, MD—October 4, 2012—MCS Inc. is celebrating the culmination of more than a year of R&D with the launch of six important new products designed specifically for the production direct mail industry—in its booth 3619 at GRAPH EXPO 2012. These products are showcased by demonstrating real-world production jobs that can immediately increase revenue and profits for direct mailers and commercial printers. Superbowl 2013 tickets will be awarded to all purchasers of core technology configurations displayed during the show (eligible products include Eagle, Flowmaster read/print, MCS KM 8000). Even the low-cost Falcon and KM 1250 packages qualify for an award—a 65″ LED TV to watch the Superbowl.

Eagle AMS
The MCS Eagle AMS system is the newest member of the MCS Eagle family. With the smallest footprint of its kind in the industry, it is a fully-automated print head maintenance system incorporated with the Eagle 4.25″ print head. For customers looking for minimal operator intervention and the simplest operation, the Eagle AMS:

  • Is a compact, self-contained stationary system.
  • Will automatically retract the nozzle bank, cap, wipe and purge the print head when the system is stopped.
  • Will replace ink with system flush automatically during longer idle time requests.
  • Manages centralized ink feeding—eliminating the need for overhead ink canister placement.
  • Houses the Raptor Controller and Computer in a remote station.

The Eagle AMS will be shown printing in-line with a high speed Flowmaster inserter with full on-envelope graphics and addressing—connected with the MCS Perfect Match system.

MCS 1030 and 1020 family of solid-belt wide-deck vacuum transports
The 1030 transport base has a 20″ wide belt with variable suction to handle high accuracy inkjet printing of 20×30″ press sheets. The solid belt allows a level printing surface for close proximity of high-resolution print heads such as the Eagle. Variable vacuum control allows the operator to accommodate different vacuum settings for different product sizes. Accurate image placement and repeatability is assured by a pass-through optical sensor at the edge of the sheet.

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