MCS Helps Summit Direct Mail Scale Up its Direct Marketing Operation

GAITHERSBURG, MD—June 29, 2012—Summit Direct Mail, a high-volume direct mail production company located in Dallas, has scaled up its business with the help of MCS equipment. Summit is now one of the largest marketing production facilities in the Southwest.

Always on the leading edge of the technology curve, Summit Direct offers complete data processing, print production and sophisticated marketing techniques to its clients. This debt-free, stable company serves some of the largest national insurance, non-profit, financial service, retail, publishing, and direct marketing companies in the nation. Summit’s facility has the ability to produce up to 2 million direct marketing pieces per day.

Owners John Barber comments, “Our company is fueled by innovation. The equipment choices we have made are all about innovation and being a leader in technology. For instance, we wanted to lend integrity to our matched mail closed face envelope mail pieces, with a two, three or four-way match. But we wanted to have an aesthetically pleasing piece – without the interruption of bar codes or sequence numbers printed on them. The MCS Perfect Match system, with the invisible bar codes and infrared camera, does ‘stealth’ matching and works in conjunction with our Flowmaster system.”

The MCS Perfect Match System provides electronic double-detection, 100-percent mail verification, insert and envelope verification, and variable messaging on the outside of the envelope. These capabilities increase mail integrity and productivity, adding value to direct mail providers. “When we decided to add Variable Digital Printing with our HP 7500 Indigo, MCS was there again to assist us with our UV Coating needs in locating the best possible and most efficient UV Coater in the marketplace,” Barber explains.

Another area where MCS adds value is in inkjet printing.

“We were one of the first innovators to do things like Personalized URL’S and QR codes, and we’re having tremendous success with them. The QR codes need a high quality imprint, and the MCS Eagle UV makes them readable with true 600 dpi on our continuous forms,” notes Barber. “It also handles different substrates well, and the Eagle’s continuous 4.25˝ print head is more flexible. It runs faster, has lower ink costs, and is easier to set up than other systems. We position ourselves as a high quality, low cost supplier, and the MCS equipment helps us maintain that position,” he says.