MBO America Introduces K8 RS Combi-Folder, Calling It ‘World’s Fastest Folder’

MBO America's new K8 RS combi-folder can print at speeds up to 275 m/min.

PHILADELPHIA—April 18, 2014—MBO America, provider of one of the most comprehensive range of postpress equipment in the marketplace, announces the availability of its lightning-fast K8 RS combi-folder. Revealed this past fall at the MBO International Open House event in Oppenweiler, Germany, and then at MBO China, the popular K8 RS is now available in North America.

Click on the video below to see a demonstration of the K8 RS combi-folder:

Increased Speed, Increased Performance

The K8 RS combi-folder from MBO is capable of production speeds up to 275 m/min, making it the world’s fastest folding machine and representing a 20 percent increase in production output over the previous model—the K8 Perfection. With the newly revamped K8 RS, finishing job speeds match that of sheetfed offset presses, allowing for 1:1 printing to folding.

“The K8 RS defies description in this market segment,” said Lance Martin, MBO America director of sales. “The increased production speed in the K8 drive motor is largely due to technological advancements, but several other key advancements were also made. Along with the improved drive system, the Vaculift infeed system was re-engineered for increased performance, and an intelligent sheet control monitoring system has been equipped on all K8 RS machines to ensure that the paper is always under control at these speeds.”

K8 RS Customization
Like its predecessors, the K8 RS can be outfitted with variations of the S-KTL and S-KTZ crossfold units. The K8 RS can also be equipped with an automation package to improve makeready times. The production speed and quick setup times of the K8 RS gives customers the potential to get jobs in and out the door faster than ever before.

About MBO America
MBO America celebrates 30 years and over 10,000 U.S. installations as one of the most comprehensive postpress finishing solution providers in the western hemisphere. MBO America develops a broad array of cutting edge, high-performance finishing solutions for conventional, digital, and hybrid print operations, and fulfills specialized needs upon request.

MBO and MBO America are internationally renowned for superior customer and technical support, as well as top-notch consultation services. In 2014, MBO America is adding a variety of customer engagement opportunities that will build on existing, successful activities such as its popular, quarterly training seminars.

Source: MBO.

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