MBO America Partners with HSPR on Marketing, Education Initiative

MARLTON, NJ—February 4, 2014—A chance meeting at PRINT 13 has led to a partnership between HSPR and MBO America, provider of the world’s most comprehensive line of traditional and digital postpress finishing solutions. The two organizations will kick-off 2014, MBO America’s 30th Anniversary, with a powerful and revealing marketing and education initiative.

Education in Changing Times Demands Simple, Open Communication
The MBO America initiative will center on educating the market regarding postpress advancements that optimize production workflows for unprecedented efficiency and profitability. Because its audience includes large numbers of organizations exploring new graphic arts revenue streams, MBO America’s education efforts will reflect consideration for customers learning about new and expanded hardware and software environments.

“This pivotal time in the industry marks a new era for postpress,” said Lance Martin, director of sales, MBO America. “There’s never been this variety of equipment and software available; making it possible for production organizations to diversify, offering an array of graphic arts services that range from conventional to hybrid and digital printing, and application-wise, from packaging and labels to book printing, large-format, specialty work, and more. MBO America is uniquely qualified to help the industry understand how to maximize postpress investments in this exciting, dynamic age.”

To take on the challenge in North America, MBO America is putting all hands on deck, utilizing the company’s exclusive consulting services for one on one or on-site sessions with customers; and the larger marketing communications group—now including HSPR—for wider distribution of the message.

The combination is unbeatable:

  1. MBO is unique as both a developer and seller of the most comprehensive range of postpress technologies in the world; making the company’s postpress knowledgebase unparalleled in the industry; and of enormous potential use to a sometimes overwhelmed marketplace.
  2. HSPR has the ability to connect, through conventional and newer, social and cross-channel means; with 100 percent of the marketplace. The company’s principals are 15+ year veterans of the graphic arts and imaging industries.

“We are confident that the partnership with HSPR will be of great service to MBO America and its customers,” Martin noted. “Together we will streamline communications and become an essential resource for the marketplace.”

Healthy Outlook for Postpress Attributed to Strong Market Drivers

“We are enthusiastic and flattered to have been selected by MBO America, a company we know both by reputation and our own research to be best in class in many respects,” relayed Helene Smith, managing director of HSPR, of the partnership. “We know, for example, that customers attribute minimal downtime and high reliability to MBO America’s solutions, as well as rapid response in the rare instance a service call is required.”

Regarding the outlook for the postpress segment, Smith said, “Impressive growth forecasts for packaging, digital printing in general, and flexible pipeline workflows are powerful market drivers requiring easily integrated postpress finishing solutions. MBO America’s vast solution portfolio will significantly bolster the aggressive efficiency and quality goals these markets are aiming for.”

MBO America’s Expanded Engagement with the Marketplace in 2014 Will Include:

  • International open house
  • Entertaining and educational seminars and webinars
  • Showroom and tradeshow demonstrations

About MBO America
MBO America celebrates 30 years and over 10,000 U.S. installations as the most comprehensive postpress finishing solution provider in the western hemisphere. MBO America develops its broad array of cutting edge, high-performance finishing solutions for conventional, digital, and hybrid print operations, and fulfills any specialized needs with systems and solutions from its exclusive partners. These include MBO’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Herzog + Heymann, as well as Bograma, IBIS, and Palamides.

MBO and MBO America are internationally renowned for superior customer and technical support, as well as top notch consultation services. In 2014, MBO America is adding a variety of customer engagement opportunities that will build on existing, successful activities such as its popular, quarterly training seminars.

Source: MBO.

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