Mastering Data Security, High-Speed Inkjet Printing—Truth From the Trenches

PHILADELPHIA—February 21, 2014—There have been numerous reports in the mainstream press lately about massive data security breaches. As printers, clients trust, and expect, you to protect their content-critical customer information. Here’s your chance to learn practical advice from executives at two well-known print providers. Join Printing Impressions Editor-in-Chief Mark Michelson next Tuesday at 2 pm (ET) for a free, one-hour Webinar when he interviews two industry veterans about how they ensure data integrity.

Panelists Mitch Anderson, vice president of sales at Pinnacle Data Systems; and Jim Renella, vice president and general manager of Diamond Marketing Solutions, will also concentrate on the keys to a successful, high-speed digital production printing operation. And they’ll reveal what’s required to build a total solutions offering—including print and electronic delivery, data analytics and reporting services, customer portals, mailing and fulfillment, and developing key process controls.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Even if you can’t listen to the Webinar live next Tuesday, it will also be archived for on-demand listening at your convenience.

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