Marketing Services by Vectra : Printing Signs of the Times

Marketing Services by Vectra executives (pictured from the left) include Jeff Harmon, Chris Snyder, Craig Taylor and Sam Shaffer. (Double click to enlarge photos.)

The newest members of the Vectra equipment arsenal for signage production include a pair of eight-color EFI VUTEk GS3200 superwide-format UV inkjet printers.

In Vectra’s plant, examples of large-format signage printing are everywhere as workers prepare a screen printing job.

The action is fast and furious in Vectra’s kitting and fulfillment area.

Its digital capabilities include small- and wide-format printing for signage, canvas and vinyl banners, variable data printing, test store concept prints, custom store displays, mock-ups and high-end photographic signs. Six HP units grace the digital department, including the wide-format CoreJet (126˝) and TurboJet (145˝) models, a Z6100 and a 5500 (both 60˝), and two 18˝ 5500s. Rounding out the 18˝ division is a trio of Kodak Digimaster EX150s.

The G7 Master Printer’s sheetfed arsenal (led by two six-color, 40˝ manroland Roland 700s; one conventional, one UV) produce sales collateral, signage and direct mail collateral, among others. A pair of web offset presses—a Komori System 20 and Harris M-110—tend to the long runs of brochures, inserts, coupons sheets and direct mail, to name a few.

It pays to be fully equipped. Taylor pounced on another business proposition in 2010 when he learned that John Childers, the owner of Westland, MI-based Childers Printing & Graphics, was seeking to transition out of the business. After going over the company’s financials, and taking a long look at how Childers’ products and services complemented those offered by Vectra—many of the services that Childers Printing outsourced were being performed by Vectra—Taylor pulled the trigger on the deal, which was completed last summer.

The transaction wasn’t just beneficial to Childers’ clients; Vectra reaped the benefits of gaining higher-speed mail inserting equipment. “I believe that the Detroit market is going to be a turnaround area in regards to an increase in sales,” Taylor predicts. “The integration has gone well. Customer relationships have also been strengthened because of the additional services. We’re excited about what the future holds.”

The Childers acquisition was the largest that Vectra had ever consummated. Taylor won’t rule out another deal in the future but, frankly, he wasn’t even considering making any moves until he heard about John Childers’ plans.

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  • Samuel Hargis

    Great article showing how it was built up. As the Prepress and Digital Printing Manager, when I started the digital printing dept. at Vectra we only had less than a half million a year that first year. My departments at Vectra reporting to Sam Shaffer built tens of millions in NEW value added products and services. It’s now one of the largest digital printing operations in the country with a current digital printing footprint of 90,000 sq ft. We grew leaps and bounds since this article.