Marketing Services by Vectra : Printing Signs of the Times

Marketing Services by Vectra executives (pictured from the left) include Jeff Harmon, Chris Snyder, Craig Taylor and Sam Shaffer. (Double click to enlarge photos.)

The newest members of the Vectra equipment arsenal for signage production include a pair of eight-color EFI VUTEk GS3200 superwide-format UV inkjet printers.

In Vectra’s plant, examples of large-format signage printing are everywhere as workers prepare a screen printing job.

The action is fast and furious in Vectra’s kitting and fulfillment area.

In an age where electronics have done an effective job of dehumanizing the interpersonal experience—be it through smart phones, social media and other outlets that have transformed the face-to-face encounter into the face-to-LCD screen—there is still something to be said for the value of relationship building by picking up a phone or getting together over coffee.

Fortunately, the business-to-business world still reaps great benefits and value from relationships. Case in point is Marketing Services by Vectra, a multifaceted digital, screen, sheetfed and web offset printer based in Columbus, OH. As recently as 1992, the company focused exclusively on fulfillment services while its president, Craig Taylor, sold printing for Central Dayton of Dayton, OH.

Vectra has been growing exponentially over the last 20 years largely due to Taylor’s penchant for seeking out opportunities that can address his customers’ needs, and put a few bucks in the company’s pocket at the same time. Like many printers, Taylor has found great value in industry peer groups. It was through the Joe Becker BBL venture that he met Joe Ostreicher, COO of Edison Lithograph & Printing in North Bergen, NJ (and January’s PI cover subject).

Taylor and Ostreicher both seized on opportunities. When another Columbus company, Amerigraph, went out of business in 2007, Vectra acquired Amerigraph’s screen printing assets. Ostreicher flew out to Amerigraph to inspect (and later purchase) an 81˝ KBA Rapida press. The two men touched base and talked about how they could forge a mutually rewarding relationship.

“We put together a joint agreement where we sell their large-format, 81˝ output to our customers and we provide some digital work for their clientele,” Taylor explains. “It’s been very good for our clients, because they (Edison) produce a quality product.”

Wide Array of Offerings

Taylor knows a thing or two about quality products. His 211-employee company services the needs of the retail (big-box stores), fashion, quick-service restaurant, financial and communications markets—many of which include brand-sensitive organizations. Vectra provides an exhaustive array of products and marketing services, including commercial printing, direct mail, point-of-purchase, kit packing and fulfillment, inventory and database management, premiums and promotions.

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  • Samuel Hargis

    Great article showing how it was built up. As the Prepress and Digital Printing Manager, when I started the digital printing dept. at Vectra we only had less than a half million a year that first year. My departments at Vectra reporting to Sam Shaffer built tens of millions in NEW value added products and services. It’s now one of the largest digital printing operations in the country with a current digital printing footprint of 90,000 sq ft. We grew leaps and bounds since this article.