Margie Dana Publishes Advice Book for Print Service Providers

CHESTNUT HILL, MA—March 9, 2012—Margie Dana, founder of Print Buyers International and well-known champion of print and those that work with the industry, has published her third book, “Print Selling Made Simple.”

Available for purchase at under the Store tab, this 132-page book is a specific collection of tips and practical strategies to help print service providers better understand print customers today—and sell more effectively.

Dana’s new book, subtitled “50 Nifty Sales and Marketing Tips Every Print Provider Should Know,” is a hand-picked selection of 50 different articles, culled from the author’s 600+ collection of her famous “Print Tips” e-newsletter, written weekly since 1999 to build bridges in the graphic arts industry.

“It’s my pleasure to provide candid advice to print reps and print CEOs from the perspective of their customers. Reading my Print Tips one at a time each Monday is one thing, but reading this special collection of tips written expressly for service providers means they get 50 different ideas packaged neatly in one handy guidebook,” said Dana.

Early reviews of the book have been outstanding.

“Print Selling Made Simple is a must read for every printer interested in improving their relationship with customers and prospects. In each chapter Margie provides practical information that printers can use to gain a better understanding of print buyers. There is something in this book for everyone. Regardless of your title and job function, if you work at a printing company and want to bridge the gap between you and your customer, read this book.”—David Leskusky, Printing Impressions Publishing Group

“Attention VP of Print Sales and sales managers across the nation: In case you missed it, Margie Dana offers you a glimpse into the ever-changing world of today’s print buyers that you can’t afford to miss… This book is a master class in the psychology of print buying.”—Ali Westcott,