Dana on Marketing Messages: Marketing Ideas Ready to Roll

By Margie Dana

Are you secretly terrified of starting any new marketing efforts? Sometimes I think that all of the media attention on social media marketing causes business owners to turn to stone. They can’t move forward to try something new or look back at what they’ve done to see what was effective.

Talk about missed opportunities! Smart marketing is nothing to be afraid of. Stop treating it with trepidation. Every printing company can do effective marketing without spending a fortune because, when it comes down to it, crafting a simple and easy-to-maintain strategy to power your marketing engine comes down to answering this one question:

How do you share information on a regular basis with your customers and best prospects in ways that will impress and influence them?

Here are seven simple marketing ideas that will effectively promote your business by providing information print customers need:

1) Commit to having a monthly blog that’s merely 300 words. Come up with a theme. Jot down 12 topics that fit this theme. Then put it on your calendar to write the blog in the last week of every month. The same person should write it, and your blog should have a natural “voice” that reflects your company’s culture.

Blogs should be less formal than other types of writing (i.e., articles and white papers). Once you have the theme developed and the blogger named, you’re halfway there. Bonus points for doing a weekly blog, BTW.

Make room for this blog on a prominent page of your Website. Personally, I like to see it on a printer’s home page. Barring that, make sure there’s a link to it on the home page. Every blog post should have a visual, making it more likely to be read and shared.

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