Many Publishers Generating 10+ Percent of Their Revenues from eBook Sales

• Amazon generates the most eBook sales for Trade publishers, even though a comparatively small percentage of Trade content is distributed through Amazon. Despite Trade publishers using all of the main eBook online retailers, Amazon is the one producing sales—and, presumably, revenue—by a disproportionate margin (43%).

• Publishers’ own eCommerce sites generate the greatest percentage of sales for all publishing market segments other than Trade. Despite a decrease in publishers’ reliance on their own eCommerce sites for distribution, these sites are producing the most sales for publishers by a significant margin (up to 18%).

• Most eBook production still follows outdated print production models at the expense of improved operational efficiencies. Publishers are slow to transition from traditional print-based production to more flexible digital workflows that produce output for mobile devices, PCs, and print–all from a single content source.

“In the midst of a turbulent market, the most valuable lessons often come from taking a step back,” said Dev Ganesan, Aptara’s President and CEO. “The data collected from exploring publishers’ evolution from print to digital during the rise of eBooks and mobile devices puts into perspective just how quickly publishers have mobilized to respond to market demand and highlights the opportunities for taking production, and revenues, to the next level.”

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