Manugraph DGM Announces Multiple Equipment Sales

ELIZABETHVILLE, PA—January 23, 2009—Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) announces the sale of DGM printing equipment to MCW Printing, Saltus Press and Richner Communications, Inc.

MCW Printing of Louisville, Kentucky (Fastline Publications) has purchased four (4) DGM 430 units configured as a four-high tower as an addition to their pressline.

The new DGM 430 press features 22.75” cut-off; pneumatic actuation of ink forms, water forms, and impression. Along with installation MDGM has re-aligned the existing press.

Saltus Press of Worchester, Massachusetts has purchased a DGM 1035 folder with quarter folder (4 tape delivery); 22.75” cut-off; steep angle 72 degree former; double parallel; single knife cross head perforator and precision ground nips.

Manugraph DGM will remove existing equipment and install new folder in place.

Richner Communications, Inc. (Herald Community Newspapers) of Garden City, New York has purchased four (4) DGM 430 units configured as one four high tower.

The new DGM 430 press features a 22.0” cut-off; pneumatic actuation of ink forms, water forms, and impression; spiral brush dampening; QuadTech RMS2000 motorization; and Support Products 2-head bustle wheel system on tower. The new DGM 430 will be an addition to their existing DGM430/1035 press line. The new tower is expected to ship in April of 2009.

Located in Elizabethville, PA, Manugraph DGM, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manugraph India Ltd., employing 205 persons within a 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Manugraph DGM manufactures a complete line of single width offset presses including the DGM 430, 430 MAX, DGM Advantage, DGM Advantage II (also a slip in replacement press for the DGM 850 or Urbanite(TM)) DGM 440, DGM 440S, DGM 850, and the DGM 870, as well being the manufacturer of the Americolor tower, a 50” double width tower extension to the installed base. Manugraph DGM also manufactures a full line of complementing folders in the DGM 1035, DGM 1240, DGM 1050, DGM 1255, and the DGM 1270 jaw folder.

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