Manugraph DGM Announces Agency Agreement Division

ELIZABETHVILLE, PA—February 24, 2009—Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) announces it will now offer agency agreements for the resale of printing presses and related plant equipment.

In the recent wave of plant closures and plant mergers, MDGM will now offer turnkey solutions to both the commercial and newspaper printing industries for the resale, removal, reconfiguration, reconditioning, and reinstallation of used printing equipment.

“The printing industry is now experiencing a time of rapid change and consolidation, and right now Manugraph DGM is extremely well-suited to offer this service to the Industry”, says Dave Moreland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MDGM. “We have the technical expertise, a large team of field engineers, and the necessary worldwide network to efficiently repurpose this equipment”.

Moreland notes that MDGM currently has a very large inventory of recent vintage DGM 430 and Goss SSC four-high towers as well
as SSC folders. Interested parties may contact Moreland at MDGM’s toll free number at 1-800-346-6119 or via email at

Located in Elizabethville, PA, Manugraph DGM, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manugraph India Ltd., employing 205 persons within a 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Manugraph DGM manufactures a complete line of single width offset presses including the DGM 430, 430 MAX, DGM Advantage, DGM Advantage II (also a slip in replacement press for the DGM 850 or Urbanite™) DGM 440, DGM 440S, DGM 850, DGM 870, the Frontline, as well being the manufacturer of the Americolor tower, a 50” double width tower extension to the installed base. Manugraph DGM also manufactures a full line of complementing folders in the DGM 1035, DGM 1240, DGM 1050, DGM 1255, and the DGM 1270 jaw folder.

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