manroland web systems GmbH Appoints Management Team

Uwe Lüders has taken over the management of manroland web systems GmbH.

AUGSBURG, GERMANY—Feb. 20, 2012—To manage the challenges of the industry powerfully and sustainably in an economically difficult environment, manroland web systems GmbH introduces the new team at the top.

Uwe Lüders, L. Possehl & Co. mbH, Lübeck, Managing Director

Uwe Lüders, born in 1952, is chairman of the board of Possehl group since April 2004. Prior to this he gathered experience as manager of successful diversified groups of companies focusing on manufacturing engineering and plant engineering. In his last position before Possehl he was chairman of the board of Buderus AG in Wetzlar. Lüders transitionally takes over the management of manroland web systems GmbH.

Peter Kuisle, manroland web systems GmbH, Sales, Service, and Marketing
Peter Kuisle, born in 1960, has been vice president sales web printing systems and product marketing for many years. He is responsible for the worldwide sales activities of newspaper printing systems and commercial presses. Also, Kuisle was chairman of several sales organizations. In his new position, in addition to the sales division, he leads the service and marketing divisions of manroland web systems GmbH.

Franz Gumpp, manroland web systems GmbH, Purchasing and Production

Franz Gumpp, born in 1966, focused on manufacturing technology during his studies. Gumpp led the inner assembly and technical services departments at the Augsburg production site and in his last position was responsible for the junction of the inner assembly of web press components in the production business unit. Within manroland web systems GmbH, he is responsible for the purchasing and production divisions.

Dieter Betzmeier, manroland web systems GmbH, Order Processing and Technology
Dieter Betzmeier, born in 1960, was lecturer for machine elements at the IHK Augsburg (chamber for trade and commerce) as well as project manager and engineer in the newspaper press division for many years. Betzmeier has extensive experience with large project management as well as with project processing, assembly, and startups. As project leader for News International, the world’s largest printing company producing one million newspapers per hour, he is well-known in the industry. Betzmeier takes over the technology and order processing divisions at manroland web systems GmbH.

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