manroland Unifies Sales and Support, Appoints Director of Customer Satisfaction

manroland Unifies Sales and Support for Presses, Appoints Director of Customer Satisfaction

WESTMONT, IL—09/07/10—manroland, Inc. has strengthened its market-facing organizations to ensure that customers receive world class products, service, supplies and upgrades with customer satisfaction as the key metric.

“Coming out of this recession, printing equipment buyers are increasingly interested in complete system solutions, instead of individual components,” observes manroland CEO Vince Lapinski. “It is really no different when you buy a printing press in order to grow your business, you ultimately partner with a press manufacturer, and you want to feel cared for as an individual customer and not just part of the market. Printers need total care providers, and manroland has everything in place to do just that.

“We have been successful in uniting the sales efforts across the broad scope of manroland offerings, under the theme of ‘Total Customer Care.’ manroland has a powerful network of PRINTVALUE resources in printservices, printcom, printnet, and printadvice, to address printers’ needs and to keep our press products running at top performance levels.” Lapinski continued. “Now, dedicated and structured efforts in our organization will ensure that printers reach a level of full satisfaction throughout the sales and delivery process, and the lifetime of their press.”

Dedicated Care

A new position has been created within the organization with the primary focus of ensuring complete customer satisfaction. John Zenner has been appointed to Director of Customer Satisfaction and in this role he will be dedicated, full time, to establishing and monitoring internal programs at manroland aimed at fulfilling customer needs.

“My objective is to ensure the complex production needs of today’s customers are fully understood and addressed accurately. Further continuing our focus on providing the highest customer satisfaction results possible and assure that the customer’s production needs are met, now and for the long term.” Stated Zenner.

In conjunction, for many years, manroland’s PRINTVALUE Consultants have been helping customers with the right parts, consumable products and services which keep their presses at peak performance. Now with the disciplines of printservices and printcom products offering a Complete Customer Care approach to deliver top level of performance and satisfaction results to the printers’ entire organization, Marty Pierce, manroland’s Director of PRINTVALUE explains, “What you gain through a partnership with manroland is a professional consultant who really understands your business from the pressroom to the top management level.”

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