manroland Survey Finds High Success Rate with Remote Service

Once a service request has been initiated through TelePresence, response is fast. It only takes six seconds for it to reach the factory in Offenbach, Germany, where the equipment is completely identified and its specifications linked over to the North American Remote Service Center in Westmont, IL. A full-time staff of remote technicians keeps pace with service requests as they occur. If specialized expertise is required, factory technicians in Offenbach may also be brought into a remote diagnostics session.

The COT Media Group in Christ Church, Barbados, has been using the TelePresence service since the company purchased its manroland 500 five-color printer/coater in 2006. Nigel Worme, Managing Director of COT, said, “Being a one press operation situated on a little island in the middle of the Caribbean means you need to keep your press in good shape to avoid unplanned service calls. You also need to know that when something unexpected does happen you have access to a resource that can react quickly.”

“TelePresence gives us an instant connection to manroland service technicians as soon as there is a hint of a problem with the press. The machine keeps a log of faults which can be seen by manroland in Chicago and, if need be, at the factory in Germany. So there is a lot less ambiguity about what is going on. Then they can actually get into the machine, take control of it and perform functions to see for themselves what is working and what is not.

“We probably use TelePresence two or three times a month. That and an aggressive ProServ scheduled maintenance program have kept us up and running. I have worked in this business for 35 years and the uptime of this press has been considerably higher than any equipment we’ve ever run previously. We have replaced two presses with this one. Not only did it pick up all of that production, but it has taken on 60-70 percent more work on top of that. We have a lot riding on this press and TelePresence is our insurance policy.”

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