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manroland Survey Finds High Success Rate with Remote Service

May 25, 2011

“TelePresence gives us an instant connection to manroland service technicians as soon as there is a hint of a problem with the press. The machine keeps a log of faults which can be seen by manroland in Chicago and, if need be, at the factory in Germany. So there is a lot less ambiguity about what is going on. Then they can actually get into the machine, take control of it and perform functions to see for themselves what is working and what is not.

“We probably use TelePresence two or three times a month. That and an aggressive ProServ scheduled maintenance program have kept us up and running. I have worked in this business for 35 years and the uptime of this press has been considerably higher than any equipment we’ve ever run previously. We have replaced two presses with this one. Not only did it pick up all of that production, but it has taken on 60-70 percent more work on top of that. We have a lot riding on this press and TelePresence is our insurance policy.”

Fannon Fine Printing, located in Alexandria, VA, just six miles south of Washington, DC, relies extensively on the TelePresence service to sustain production of its Roland 500 six-color press with anilox coating.

“We knew that the capability of remote monitoring and diagnostics of TelePresence would allow the press operators to troubleshoot faults, work through them and return the press to production quickly.” Said Frank Brown, pressroom foreman. “Most faults are cleared in the same amount of time that it would have taken just to find the page and related matters in the old manual system. The access of technical support through TelePresence has reduced down time greatly and put management at ease knowing that professional help is on the problem. Telepresence is there for 24 hours a day, seven days a week ”

He continued, “Being a high end printer doing all types of work from posters, brochures, magazines to annual reports, the press endures a tight schedule that TelePresence not only helps to meet, but with the added maintenance plan and history of maintenance, protects the investment and adds to the future resale of the press.”

Litho Press (Indianapolis) purchased its new manroland 900XXL 73˝, six-color press with UV coater in 2008. Pressman Zack Bird said, “TelePresence has allowed us to resolve most of our problems without having to resort to a service call.”

Aspects of TelePresence that Bird appreciates most include the ability to show manroland's remote technicians areas of concern with the video camera, manroland’s immediate access to alarm conditions and its ability to control and adjust press parameters over the internet, and getting responses to TelePresence service requests at any time of they day.

Today, manroland provides free access to the TelePresence service for as long as the press is under warranty. After the warranty period, the owner can renew for a nominal annual fee, which covers all of the appropriately equipped presses in a plant. Some TelePresence users have as many as 7 presses covered under a single service agreement. Even presses in adjacent buildings can be covered by one TelePresence agreement. Customers are free to use TelePresence as often as needed without any additional charges beyond the fee.

To further improve uptime benefits of the service portal, the TelePresence concept has been expanded to include a Maintenance Manager for coordinating press maintenance schedules and to electronically deliver maintenance documentation. In 2011 this capability has been expanded beyond the manufacturer's original equipment to include scheduling and documentation for the printer's custom equipment. The Maintenance Manager can be extended to all of the manroland sheetfed presses in a plant as long as there is a TelePresence agreement in effect.

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manroland, Inc is a division of manroland AG the world's second largest printing systems manufacturer and the world's market leader in web offset. Webfed and sheetfed presses provide solutions for publishing, commercial, and packaging printing. Visit the manroland website at

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