manroland sheetfed R700 HiPrint Series Press Receives New Design, Productivity Advancements

OFFENBACH, GERMANY—August 14, 2014—After a successful first half of 2014, manroland sheetfed is raising its fortitude on the R700 HiPrint series printing press.

A sharper design, boosted efficiency and extensive set of standard features: Those are the key characteristics of the latest additions in technology and innovations for the HiPrint Press from manroland sheetfed.

The HiPrint is a unique success story at manroland sheetfed. The company introduced the first generation, the R700 in the mid nineties. This press made the idea of high-tech a reality being the first of its kind—and it set standards right from the start.

Sales have exceeded all expectations early on, the second generation which was introduced in 2006 yet again innovated the market, this platform was the “print vehicle of choice” for value added print and packaging requirements. It was then that manroland sheetfed introduced a unique concept, “futureproofing.” A program to not only safeguard your investment, but also grow with the changing market. As your volumes change, add automation, as your customers change, change your processes, as your focus changes, change your press specifications. The HiPrint is not only boosting profitable growth with manroland sheetfed users, it is also creating a solid economic foundation for investments in the future with minimal interruption to your business.

In its latest version, manroland sheetfed designers have given the HiPrint an even sharper design with precise, purposeful advancements.

  • “SPL,” simultaneous plate loading allowing the induction of plates in a single fluid motion, reducing make-ready substantially.
  • InlineFoiler with indexing, the leading inline system on the market for creative cold foil enhancement becomes more efficient with print-length indexing for foil feed. Available for the HiPint and HiPrint HS (high speed). This process continues to allow print of any color on the metal particles, applied in the normal halftone, opening a vast array of creative possibilities while indexing the foil infeed for the cylinder gap, saving money and resources.
  • LEC-UV Drying, a unique UV module system with specially designed components for Low Energy Curing (LEC). The low energy curing process is characterized by a combination of highly reactive UV inks and coatings, a specific dryer unit configuration, and a UV lamp developed for LEC inks and coatings.
  • The production speed of the R700 HiPrint was also thoroughly updated to 17,200 sph.

With the increased sales successes, manroland sheetfed Print Technology Center has been able to make room for a new addition to the center, the latest HiPrint innovations will be operational by end of September 2014 on the newest HiTech, HiPrint.

Source: manroland sheetfed.

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