manroland Sees Growth in Contract Manufacturing Services

The melting shop with its two modern medium-frequency furnaces is the heart of the manroland foundry.

OFFENBACH, GERMANY—Dec. 16, 2010—Press constructors are a sought-after manufacturing partner for many industries, a development which was continued and strengthened in 2010. Companies from the mechanical engineering, engine, vehicle manufacturing and energy technology industries rely on manroland’s expertise at its locations in Augsburg, Offenbach and Plauen, Germany.

Although press construction has had a below-average share of the economic recovery, services for external production have thoroughly profited. An approximately 10 percent increase in orders in 2010 compared to the previous year underscore this positive development. manroland offers production services for foundries and model making, rotary and prismatic large-part manufacturing, complete manufacturing, special parts manufacturing, and functional surfaces.

Why do customers trust a press constructor to do all this? Because they particularly value the manufacturing precision and flexible absorption of production peaks that is available in their region.

“The commission orders at Augsburg vary widely. They cover everything from the small parts sector for gear components and housings, often for regional firms, up to 25-ton support tables for machine tools,” is how Heinz Treu, vice president manufacturing, describes the portfolio.

“Much of our work consists of individual orders, but there are also a few long-term commissions. For example, we have been grinding generator shafts for energy production for a year and a half. These parts are then delivered just-in-time to customer production sites. This helps to avoid investment costs for a machine park and personnel, results in low storage charges, and products are supplied as needed,” adds Treu.

“Hardening of functional surfaces and production of control cams are in particular demand in Offenbach,” reports Wilfried Gernath, Head of the mechanical production segments in Offenbach. “There aren’t that many companies that specialize in the production of control cams, which is why our expertise in this area is especially valuable for many firms. Our services for model making and foundry work are also in high demand.”

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