manroland and Océ Launch Joint Series of ‘Digital Meets Offset Power‘ Events

Best of both worlds
For the first time, manroland will present – integrated into graphics workflows – two high-productivity Océ inkjet printing systems for digital webfed printing. Inkjet systems, with their flexible production and individualization strengths, are increasingly becoming an alternative in both the business models and machine parks of graphics industry printing houses. Gerd Finkbeiner, manroland CEO, notes: “We are showing how inkjet printing systems supplement industrial offset printing. We are not however placing our faith in insular solutions, but in integrated workflows. In our role as front runners, we and Océ have ambitious aims. We want successful customers who are participating in the dynamic growth of digital print production—and we are committed to supplying them with solutions that are at the same time groundbreaking and future-proof.”

Production Printing Summit
The Océ Production Printing Summit takes place from June 7-10 in the Océ Leadership Technology Hub in Poing/Munich. The events, aimed internationally at the decision-maker level, focus on the complete value creation chain for production printing, from individualized content through to the finished end product. All of these will use innovative and individualized print products as examples. In the course of this four-day high-performance show, Océ will also present growth applications in high-productivity digital printing embedded in workflows for the graphics industry, for example for publishing-on-demand, the printing of digital newspapers and magazines, hybrid catalogs and manuals, as well as ‘target group 1’ in-vogue applications such as direct mail and loyalty applications.

“Individualized high-speed digital printing is an attractive field of business that is increasingly supplementing industrial print runs,” explains Sebastian Landesberger, Executive Vice President, Océ Production Printing. “The print value creation chain is undergoing change, and particularly the intelligent combination of offset and digital printing opens up new lucrative business models for our customers. With, for example, our new Océ ColorStream 3500 and Océ JetStream family high-speed full-color inkjet printing systems, at the Océ Production Printing Summit we will be showing a winning combination of highest quality and maximum individualization as well as their value proposition for modern print communication.”

Source: company release.

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