manroland North American Sheetfed Operations Maintains Customer Focus

WESTMONT, IL—March 28, 2012—manroland Inc. the long-standing sheetfed sales and service organization previously part of manroland AG, and now under new ownership with manroland sheetfed GmbH, remains firmly planted for North American sheetfed operations growth.

manroland Inc.’s parent company, manroland sheetfed GmbH, located in Offenbach, Germany, was purchased by U.K. company Langley Holdings in February 2012. For those in the print industry who have come to depend on the significant quality and high performance of manroland’s sheetfed presses, this is a positive step towards continuing the core values that manroland is known for in the market—innovation, performance, and service excellence under the PRINTVALUE umbrella of products.

Regarding operations of manroland’s organization in North America, throughout the process of the restructuring, the North American group has continued to operate, completing press installations, providing printservices parts and service, and printcom consumables. Also, as the organization remains in place, manroland Inc. will provide infrastructure support functions to the newly opened company manroland web systems.

North American Sales Vice President Michael Mugavero stated, “We are exceptionally well positioned to do business. Under our new ownership, manroland’s North American operations can move forward as a more nimble, flatter entity.

“The reality is, everything is moving faster today, which demands that organizations are faster, smarter, innovative and more empathetic to the needs of our customers. We now have a more efficient and direct communication with the factory in place, which is a huge benefit to those who have or will invest in manroland products and services,” added Mugavero.

At its headquarters in Westmont and the Canadian office in Vaughan, Ontario, manroland customer service representatives, PRINTVALUE consultants, and field service technicians have been striving throughout the restructuring process to ensure the best level of service is provided.

Since the core operations personnel and management team remain in place, manroland sheetfed assures all customers that this high-quality level of service will continue. manroland sheetfed’s PRINTVALUE operations will continue to be on the front line for our customers. From the start of the restructuring in Germany, our number one goal was to take care of our customers; the printservices / printcom programs remain the foundation of support operations in North America and are firmly positioned to continue this support for the future.

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