MAN Roland Sees Colorful Future in Newspaper Industry

Westmont, IL–June22,2004–North American newspapers are accelerating the trend toward enhancing their color capacity and pressroom productivity, according to MAN Roland. Among its ongoing projects are:

The Los Angeles Times has assigned MAN Roland to install COLORMAN tower extensions in two of its three Southern California production facilities. The units reportedly will be the first such add-ons to run in North America, and will allow the Times to provide more color pages for its readers and advertisers.

“We currently have the capacity to print up to six sections, 96 pages, with 24 pages of full color,” notes Mark H. Kurtich, senior vice president of operations at the paper. “When we’re done with this project, we’ll still have six sections and 96 pages, but instead of 24 pages of full color, we’ll have 32.”

The Bismarck Tribune, a Lee Enterprises property, has signed on to be the first newspaper in North America to be printed on the new 3×2 UNISET 75 web press from MAN Roland.

The Tribune selected the 12-page, three-wide configuration for the extra capacity the format delivers over the two-wide model. “It allows us to print more pages in less press space, thus saving money on the price of the press,” says Roman Dymerski, the paper’s production manager. “It also enhances our ability to conserve natural resources because we’ll be using less newsprint.”

The system will be delivered in November 2004, assembled on a steel substructure, and ready to print by April 2005.

MAN Roland has been selected by the Chicago Tribune to provide a turnkey press expansion solution as the newspaper embarks on a project to double its color capacity over the next two years. The press manufacturer will be adding 19 eight-couple COLORMAN tower expansions to the Tribune’s 10 existing web presses.

All told, Chicago Tribune will increase its color capacity by 16 additional process color pages on typical runs.

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