MAN Roland Says Stock Trade Will Not Impede Its Growth in North

Meanwhile the value of MAN AG stock remains stable. “Significantly, the per share price of MAN AG dropped only 41 cents on the day Regina Verwaltungsgesellschaft sold its interests, and the share price closed well above the low for this new year,” Rogivue pointed out. “The following two days the price rose to more than offset the one-day loss.”

German stock analysts, meanwhile, pointed out that the share transfer increases the percentage of the company that is freely traded. The result: MAN AG’s place on the DAX is more secure. The plus here is mutual funds indexed to the DAX will be obligated to buy MAN AG shares in the near future.

The performance of the capital goods manufacturer also bodes well for its continued growth. MAN’s third-quarter 2004 net income (the most recent period reported) more than doubled to 72 million euros.

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